About the Pastor

Pastor Joe Pastor Taylor was saved in March of 1991 near the end of his law enforcement career.

He realized that the simple prayer of 1977 was just an ABC repeat after me prayer and did not save him and was a lost church member for several years.

Pastor Taylor felt the Lord calling him to preach in February of 1994 but did not fully surrender until 1995. He started working alongside his pastor and attended his church Bible School classes until 1997 when he attended Pensacola Bible Institute in Pensacola, FL. In 2000, he moved to Norfolk, VA and worked with a church for about 6 months and then was asked to return to his local church in Pahokee, FL to help with the outreach ministry there.

Pastor Taylor then started a ministry to law enforcement and first responders in September 2000 as well as full time evangelist. He has preached in Nursing Homes, Youth Conferences, Revivals, Bible Conferences, Street Preaching as well as Pulpit Supply.

Pastor and Mrs. Taylor Pastor Taylor has worked with churches throughout Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas. He has also been a Youth Pastor, Asst. Pastor, a Senior Pastor, and an Admin. Pastor as well. He also is a certified chaplain and works within Crusaders Outreach Ministry as well as the local fire departments and police departments in his community.

Pastor Taylor has written fifty-five gospel tracts for first responders along with two books dealing with law enforcement. He also has three books that deals with the church, the life of a preacher and a Bible Study. He is working on his sixth book.

Pastor Taylor comes from the State of Florida. He and his wife Doris of 25 years have two grown sons. The oldest son William and his family live in Okeechobee, FL and their youngest son Roy and his family live in Searcy, AR.